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Ceo Message


Negin Shooyan Company is a compilation of knowledge, expertise, experience and management to provide high quality products with appropriate services to customers. We believe that the development of this company will not be realized except by reliance on competent and expert human resources. In this regard, making efforts in the direction of customer-orientation, improving the quality of services, employees' satisfaction and meeting the benefits of consumers of the products and the services provided, is not just a slogan, but a belief and goal for us.

Formulating "Development Policies" to achieve the ultimate goal of Negin Shooyan Co. is incorporated on the agenda of this company, which is indeed to create the highest value for the customers and obtain their maximum rate of satisfaction. Thus, increasing productivity, continuous improvement, technical knowledge upgrading and cost reduction are considered as the priorities and plans of Negin Shooyan Co. managers.
Meanwhile, as a business company with good experiences of its competent and thoughtful managers, Negin Shooyan Co. has always tried to take more steps in the path of growth and excellence to achieve its predetermined goals.

Mohammad Reza Shayan Fakher
CEO of Negin Shooyan Company